AmanjuPinnick believes that spiritual forces are affecting Nigeria

AmanjuPinnick is the president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and he believes that one of the reasons of why the Nigerian national football team has consistently been unable to make it into the advanced rounds of any major football competition is due to spiritual forces.


Thailand surprised many when they forced Australia to a 2-2 draw in the World Cup qualifiers.

Obi Mikel believes that Nigeria can qualify for the 3rd successive time

The Nigerian national side has been able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in the previous 2 editions of the worldwide competition back in 2010 and 2014 and John Obi Mikel has faith that they will be able to qualify for another successive year.

Chris Baird: Northern Ireland Keen to Achieve World Cup 2018 Qualification

After managing to excel at the Euro 2016, Northern Ireland are hungry for more successes and are looking towards qualifying for the World Cup 2018 according to Chris Baird.

KwesiAppiah wants to see Ghana not lose their focus

KwesiAppiah is a 56 year old manager who took charge of the Ghana national football team on April of 2012 and he left the national side on September of 2014.

The 2018 World Cup qualifiers are edging closer and closer as the matches are scheduled to kick-off on September of the ongoing year. The Ghana national side is going through a fairly impressive period of time as the Ghanaian side managed to reach the quarter-finals of the 2010 edition of the World Cup.

Russia’s length as a nation would create discomfort for the spectators in World Cup

Russia’s length as a nation would create discomfort for the spectators in World Cup as they would have to cover a little too much distance at times to watch games.

Not only the spectators, the players too would be on the journey a lot more which would be highly exhausting.

The area of Russia is bigger than any other nation. A portion of it falls in Asia, while, rest falls in Europe and the games have been deliberately slotted in the latter portion as the spectators would generally be from Europe only. However, even that European portion is a little too big.

Arsene Wenger, a possible coach of the French national side?

As the years continue to roll by, Arsenal is still struggling to win major pieces of silverware.

With each new season that arrives, it seems like Arsenal is just on the verge of winning the Premier League title but they lose their pace and fall short.

Gianni Infantino Positive on Russia Football Team for World Cup

Gianni Infantino has a positive take on the developments in Russia regarding the World Cup.

According to Infantino, everyone in Russia, from the public to the government to the association, is contributing to the preparations and with the cooperation of all; the tournament will be hosted as well as it has been hosted in the past.

Infantino has also assured the incoming spectators from different regions of the world that they will be provided high class hospitality in Russia as the living population in the country is very friendly and has an extremely welcoming nature.

The 2018 World Cup is the tournament that might unify the world of football

The governing body of football, FIFA has been under heavy scrutiny and the main reason of this was due to the scandals and proof of corruption that was discovered.

The decision to award Russia with the chance of being the hosts for the approaching 2018 World Cup is one that has been criticized by the media and there were allegations that cash as well as gifts was awarded to executive members of FIFA in order to secure the bid despite what the voting results could have resulted with.

This ended up with a number of FIFA officials being banned while others were arrested.

Brazil broke their record of foreign visitors in 2014

Brazil reached a milestone as their Ministry of Tourism recorded that over 6 million tourist travelled to the South American country in 2014 and this was mainly due to the 2014 World Cup which was held in different regions around Brazil but that eventually reached it’s end in Rio de Janeiro which is where the last match was played with Germany facing off with Argentina and claiming a 1-0 triumph over the team of Lionel Messi.